Make Me by Lee Child is the twentieth book in the Jack Reacher series. The novel begins with Reacher arriving in the small, isolated town of Mother's Rest, curious about the origin of its peculiar name. He meets Michelle Chang, a former FBI agent turned private investigator, who is looking for her missing partner, Keever. Reacher decides to assist her in the investigation.

The town of Mother's Rest is eerie and unwelcoming, with its residents clearly hiding something. Reacher and Chang quickly realize that the townspeople are not keen on outsiders asking questions. They uncover that Keever was investigating something big before he vanished.

As Reacher and Chang dig deeper, they discover a network of disturbing activities. They find out that Keever was working on a story related to a mysterious and dangerous group involved in a sophisticated and sinister online business. This group preys on vulnerable individuals, offering false hope while leading them to a deadly end.

Their investigation takes them from Mother's Rest to Chicago and Los Angeles, where they uncover a horrifying truth: the town is the center of an elaborate operation that exploits people in the most vulnerable states, such as those suffering from severe depression and contemplating suicide. The group's online business lures desperate people with the promise of help, only to facilitate their deaths for profit.

Reacher and Chang face numerous dangers as they expose the operation. They are pursued by hired guns and must rely on their skills and instincts to survive. The climax of the novel sees Reacher confronting the mastermind behind the operation in a brutal showdown, bringing justice to those who were exploited.

Make Me is a compelling thriller that delves into dark and disturbing themes. Lee Child's meticulous plotting and strong character development keep readers engaged from start to finish. The novel combines intense action with a deep emotional undercurrent, making it a standout in the Jack Reacher series.

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