Night School by Lee Child is a prequel to the Jack Reacher series, set in 1996 when Reacher is still in the Army. The novel begins with Reacher receiving a medal for a mission and being sent to what seems like a routine training course. However, this "school" turns out to be a covert operation involving the FBI and the CIA.

Reacher is teamed up with FBI agent John White and CIA analyst Dr. Marian Sinclair. The team is briefed about a potentially catastrophic threat: an American agent in Hamburg, Germany, has reported that a jihadist sleeper cell is willing to pay $100 million for something. The task is to uncover what the terrorists are after and prevent it from falling into their hands.

As Reacher, White, and Sinclair dig deeper, they discover that the deal involves a former Soviet operative who has gone rogue and is now working with the highest bidder. The stakes are raised when it's revealed that the target could be a weapon of mass destruction.

Reacher travels to Germany, using his military training and instincts to navigate the dangerous landscape of espionage and terrorism. He works closely with local law enforcement, including Sergeant Frances Neagley, who will become a recurring character in the series. Together, they track down leads and confront various adversaries.

Throughout the investigation, Reacher's deductive skills and physical prowess are on full display. He uncovers a plot involving a former German soldier, an extremist group, and a corrupt American businessman. The action culminates in a tense showdown, where Reacher must stop a catastrophic event from occurring on American soil.

Night School is a gripping thriller that combines military strategy, espionage, and Reacher's signature brand of justice. Lee Child masterfully weaves a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, delving into Reacher's past while delivering a compelling and action-packed story.

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